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Within a Spanish context, we represent our clients in Ship litigation of a jurisdictional nature, all about International Maritime Claims and Liens, like Ship Arrest and Release in Spain.


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And in certain cases, in institutional arbitration or ad hoc situations: litigation mediation arbitration. We act in accordance with the rules of the court with jurisdiction and the corresponding applicable Procedural Law in the case of litigation.  In institutional arbitration and ad hoc situations, we act in accordance with the Arbitration Regulations and Statutes of the Court of Arbitration (litigation mediation arbitration). These regulations and statutes were drawn up at the request of the Higher Arbitration Council of the Huelva Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation, among other Spanish arbitration institutions. We are Commercial, Administrative and Maritime Shipping Law specialists. In particular, we have act in several Vessel Detentions by the Port Authorities of Spain.

We are experts in all types of common/civil and commercial legal dispute proceedings. We are also experts in Contentious-Administrative Law and in the resolution of disputes by means of Spanish and international conciliation, litigation mediation arbitration (Alternative Dispute Resolution procedures), very important also for negotiation with the Maritime Administration (Harbour Master’s Offices and Port Authorities).

In short, we represent our clients in all types of administrative, civil and commercial dispute proceedings. GMM Maritime Shipping Law Firm’s Lawyers are especially well qualified to bring actions within proceedings where a maritime shipping specialism is required. These include the preventive detention or arrest of vessels, or those involving marine salvage and others related matters of Admiralty (collisions, groundings, sinking, etc.).

We advise and defend our clients within any legal proceedings that may be necessary. Within the contracts we work with, we try to deal with disputes by means of express prior submission to national mediation and arbitration.

Ship arrest

Legal dispute proceedings and international Maritime Shipping Law Mediation and Arbitration

One of our associate lawyers specialises in the international resolution of disputes by means of international arbitration and mediation within the corresponding jurisdiction. We represent and defend our clients within all types of institutionalised maritime proceedings (litigation mediation arbitration).

We have Spanish, Portuguese and English as working languages. Therefore we are able to represent clients of various nationalities in matters relating to maritime industry disputes that have arisen in different parts of the world (United Kingdom, United States, Germany, Portugal, and of course, Spain). All of this enables us to offer our national and international arbitration and mediation legal advice services, as well as our conciliation services in maritime shipping matters.

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