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Maritime Shipping SolicitorsOur practice GMM Maritime Shipping Firm is made up, among other staff members, of a small number of Maritime Shipping Solicitors, Lawyers and administrative support personnel. All of them also specialise in private law and procedural law, as well as being very knowledgeable about other areas of the law. This is usually the case with practices that do not have many lawyers on the staff. We also collaborate with larger allied firms and independent Solicitors in matters that require a more broad-based professional relationship.

Technical/legal assistance from GMM Maritime Shipping Solicitors

In addition to the Maritime Shipping Solicitors that we have, within the marine technical area we have surveyors available internally. They can advise us, provide us with relevant information, and support us in the provision of maritime safety services.

Externally, we are active collaborators with a large number of maritime consultancy, and vessel and cargo inspection companies (naval engineers and surveyors). After many years of working both on the docks and in offices, we know the professionals who work within the sector extremely well. And in particular, we know what their respective areas of specialisation are.

In order to ensure the success of your maritime project, or to resolve any problematic matter in an appropriate manner, you need the proper advice from Maritime Shipping Lawyers. They prepare in depth and possess a clear overview from the start. This, following investigation of a loss, is how they draw up expert assessment reports and legal opinions. We recommend that you make use of GMM Maritime Shipping Firm’s personnel for this during the earliest phases of the matter/project, before going on to take action or engage in planning.

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Adequate initial collaboration with GMM Maritime Shipping Firm will enable you to avoid many of the problems that are likely to follow later, due to lack of knowledge.

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