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Maritime Shipping and Admiralty LawWe specialise in legal advice relating to Maritime Shipping Law. The maritime lawyers and other maritime sector professionals at GMM Maritime Shipping Firm are renowned for their academic work and practical legal experience in the various areas of the civil law, commercial and Maritime Shipping Law discipline. They rank with the most renowned and distinguished holders of Doctorates, Professors and university staff members.

Litigation Mediation Arbitration

Litigation and Maritime Shipping Law Mediation and Arbitration

At GMM Maritime Shipping Law Firm, specialists in Maritime and Commercial Law, we provide our clients with a specialist and high-quality service in any matter relating to Maritime Shipping Law that might arise. Our maritime legal background has provided us with the exact experience to be able to appear in any court. We can deal with matters relating to our Domestic Production Law, or public/private international Maritime Shipping Law. Our clients include individuals, companies, organisations and official institutions.

Within a Spanish context, we represent our clients in litigation of a jurisdictional nature, institutional arbitration or ad hoc situations… (Read more about our services relating to litigation and alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation and arbitration…).

Maritime Shipping Litigation Arbitration

Legal Advice relating to Maritime Shipping Law

We specialise fully in general Maritime Shipping Law. Our lawyers and professionals from the sector rank with the most renowned and distinguished holders of doctorates, professors and university staff. We are particularly knowledgeable about the system of liability for ship-owners, which is the basis for shipping operations contracts. In addition to the private legal system of Maritime Shipping Law, we have studied the main international agreements on public Maritime Shipping Law thoroughly… (Read more about our services relating to Maritime Shipping and Admiralty Law…).

Marine Management | Maritime Shipping

Marine Management | Maritime Safety

Our internal marine management services for matters and projects linked to Maritime Shipping Law are a specialism of ours. These services are very common in large Maritime Shipping Law practices in the United Kingdom, the United States, and many other countries.  One of our lawyers is also an experienced merchant seaman, a prestigious Master Mariner… (Read more about our marine management and maritime safety…).

Legal Advice relating to Commercial and Civil Law

Maritime Shipping Law is not entirely separate from public law, such as in matters linked to regulations on marine safety or port administration. The private law character of our practice specialising in Maritime Shipping Law has led us to study Commercial and Civil Law in depth, particularly in relation to transport… (Read more about our services relating to Commercial and Civil Law – Private law…).

Commercial Law | International Transport Law | Civil and Common Law

Legal Advice relating to International Law

Our legal advice extends to the areas of public international law and private international law. Both are elements that come together within Maritime Shipping Law, which is by its very nature international.

In the public international arena, we can state that we have knowledge of practically all international treaties of a maritime-legal nature. In the private international sphere, we have studied in depth both comparative law and the conventions governing the formulas applicable to shipping operations contracts.

If you would like further information on international Maritime Shipping Law or international arbitration within Maritime Shipping Law, please follow the links indicated.