Maritime Shipping Law Arbitration and Commercial Arbitration at the AEADE

Maritime Shipping Law ArbitrationThe course on Maritime Shipping Law Arbitration that was held last December pointed in the right direction. On the other hand, the fourth course on commercial arbitration currently being given by the European Association of Arbitration (AEADE) is passing its midway-point (the AEADE is one of the most prestigious arbitration institutions; it has its permanent headquarters in our country and an active Spanish Court of Arbitration.)

The AEADE Court of Arbitration is based in Madrid. It has an International Maritime Shipping Law Arbitration and Transport Committee, with a top-quality panel of arbitrators. The Association focuses on the administration of different types of arbitration, always within the framework of the Law on Arbitration. This is the best mechanism for the rapid and amicable resolution of commercial disputes and conflicts. The Association also provides all ADR services, such as Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration. It also has substantial expertise in international arbitration.

Courses in Commercial Arbitration and Maritime Shipping Law Arbitration

The progress of the course in commercial arbitration has been excellent, and has encouraged us to continue working with the AEADE. It has been attended by maritime lawyer Maximiliano Navas from our practice GMM Maritime Shipping Firm. Mr Navas is well on-track to becoming an expert in Maritime Shipping Law Arbitration thanks to this kind of course and practice. I would go so far as to say that the reliability and high quality of its training are hard to beat. Lectures, which take place during evening hours, are given by university professors, private arbitrators and lawyers who are experts in commercial arbitration. It is certainly likely to round off our training in matters relating to disputes, litigation, mediation and arbitration.

As stated previously, a new course on Maritime Shipping Law Arbitration is due to take place at the headquarters of the AEADE. This will be attended by members of a Spanish legal practice. Personnel from a University in the United Kingdom that is well-known within this subject area, City University London, will also be there.

What is for sure is that the teaching material provided by the AEADE during this 4th course on International Commercial Arbitration, as for all of its lectures, will be up to the mark. It presents ideas that are clear, concise, and of enormous value for everyday procedural practice as an arbitrator. They are equally relevant when representing the applicant or the respondent during this type of proceedings. In addition, the large volume of consultation material delivered to each student is put together very well. It includes arbitrations resolutions and rulings on all types of topics; legislation, practical cases, presentations, news articles, etc.

Following the link provided below will take you to the AEADE news blog, Everything about arbitration. There you will find further information on the subject of arbitration.

About Maximiliano Navas

Dr. Maximiliano Navas has gained a substantial and valuable experience in Maritime and Shipping legal field. Author of the book 'Seaworthiness of Vessel within International Maritime Law'. His postgraduate qualifications – Ph. Doctorate in Commercial and Maritime Law and Master’s Degree in Maritime Law, LLM – and his practical work experience as a Spanish Qualified Solicitor (LLB), Maritime Law Arbitrator (High Courts of Justice of Andalusia and Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Navigation of Spain), Civil and Commercial Mediator (CEMICAH) and Master Mariner (BSc, Captain Merchant Marine, Kingdom of Spain, unlimited), gives him an insight and hands-on perspective in the always competitive maritime field. Being a qualified Marine Average Surveyor and Nautical Inspector of several Flags, would be a great asset to his clients. He is fluent in English and has the International Legal English Certificate (ILEC).

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