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Maritime Shipping Legal Practice |  Admiralty LawGMM Maritime Shipping Firm is a small legal practice, originally located within the Port of Huelva. Today we have correspondent lawyers in Madrid and Seville. We are a legal practice composed of lawyers and maritime shipping professionals of recognised standing. It could be said that we are a firm of maritime lawyers that is what is known as a legal boutique. In Huelva, at least, we are the only Admiralty Law and Maritime Shipping legal practice that really specialises in this very specific subject.

The services that the firm provides revolve around commercial and civil, and of course, Maritime Shipping Law and Admiralty Law. The legal proceedings dealt with in the courts (relating to civil and commercial dispute/administrative matters) have enabled our lawyers to continue developing their skills, and to specialise in different areas of local and international private law.

Admiralty Law and Maritime Shipping legal practice

Our legal practice focuses on the areas of private and procedural law, where these intersect directly or tangentially with Admiralty Law and Maritime Shipping Law. This discipline of our legal system cuts across all areas of law. Therefore, it necessitates very specific specialisation on the part of the Maritime Shipping Lawyers, arbitrators and consultants that form part of our legal practice.

Maritime Shipping Legal services

Training within the legal practice

GMM Maritime Shipping Firm concerns itself on an on-going basis with the training of our lawyers, making us a leading and well-positioned legal practice within the maritime industry. Our lawyers and consultants regularly attend courses on current legal matters. Courses include, for example: Maritime Shipping Legal advice; Arbitration; Admiralty Law; national and international commercial arbitration; civil and commercial mediation and conciliation; courses looking at topics and subjects relating to English Law and the specifics of Common Law, etc.

We also attend national and international conferences relating to Admiralty Law, Maritime Shipping Law, and all kinds of international fairs and exhibitions connected with the various activities within the maritime sector. We also attend any other conferences and presentations that are of interest, either actively presenting our own work, or as interested participants.

You can rely on GMM Maritime Shipping Firm Commercial and Maritime Shipping Lawyers.

If you would like information relating to Maritime Shipping Law and Marine Management, please do not hesitate to follow the links indicated. Please, also visit or Maritime Shipping News’ blog.

Occasionally, we also call on the support of similar legal practices in the United Kingdom and the USA, which are highly qualified and very professional.

Access the full profile of the founding partner of GMM Maritime Shipping Firm Huelva, Dr. Maximiliano Navas (PDF CV and cover letter) by clicking on the logo:

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