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Maritime Shipping Spàinish language Derecho MaritimoVolume XXIX of the Maritime Shipping Law Spanish Yearbook has just been published.

The Maritime Law journal is a highly specialised Spanish (Latin-American) and sometimes international Maritime Shipping Law (Common Law). For all of those who read this, the material continues to undergo periodic and complete revision. It was started in 1981, and today it consists of 29 volumes with an average length of around 800 pages per volume. The subject matter has broadened out somewhat from its origins. It now deals with Maritime Shipping Law as a set of legal relationships originating from, or relating to, the sea and maritime affairs.

Aspects of the legal principles of private and public Maritime Shipping Law, both Spanish and international, are examined. The journal also covers the commercial, employment, administrative, criminal, procedural, sporting and fishing spheres.

Each volume is divided into ten sections on Maritime Law: I. Legal Principles. II. Various. III. Overview of Comparative Maritime Law. IV. Entities connected with marine traffic. V. Legislation and parliamentary reports. VI. Case Law. VII. Reports and News. VIII. Documentation. IX. Bibliography. X. Indices.

This time, the volume has approximately 720 pages. Its RRP is 120 € including VAT (a 20% discount applies for subscribers). If you need to be up to date with worldwide Maritime Law, this is the publication that you need to subscribe to.

Contents of volume XXIX of the Maritime Shipping Law Yearbook

Among other articles on Maritime Law, there are stand-out articles on maritime legal principles. These include those by Prof. Arroyo (“Why I specialised in Maritime Law, and the uniformity of it”) and Prof. Baena (“Regulations within the Rotterdam Rules on the delivery of goods when a negotiable transport document has been issued”). On this occasion, the overview of Comparative Maritime Law covers legal news and articles from more than 15 countries.

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By Maximimiano Navas Garatea

About Maximiliano Navas

Dr. Maximiliano Navas has gained a substantial and valuable experience in Maritime and Shipping legal field. Author of the book 'Seaworthiness of Vessel within International Maritime Law'. His postgraduate qualifications – Ph. Doctorate in Commercial and Maritime Law and Master’s Degree in Maritime Law, LLM – and his practical work experience as a Spanish Qualified Solicitor (LLB), Maritime Law Arbitrator (High Courts of Justice of Andalusia and Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Navigation of Spain), Civil and Commercial Mediator (CEMICAH) and Master Mariner (BSc, Captain Merchant Marine, Kingdom of Spain, unlimited), gives him an insight and hands-on perspective in the always competitive maritime field. Being a qualified Marine Average Surveyor and Nautical Inspector of several Flags, would be a great asset to his clients. He is fluent in English and has the International Legal English Certificate (ILEC).

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