Commercial and Maritime Law Practice services

Commercial Maritime Law servicesAt GMM we are proud to be in a position to provide our clients with a comprehensive maritime law advice service. We work quickly and to the highest quality, paying special attention to details, right from the start of our intervention.

We deal with the preparation of all of the evidence that may be needed further down the line. This evidence is important when it comes to the point of making a claim against the other party, both extra-judicially and before the courts.

We are able to handle any type of litigation (civil and commercial disputes, particularly with regard to Maritime Law, Shipping Law and Admiralty Law). We can form part of certain panels of arbitrators, in situations where Spanish and international Commercial Maritime Law Arbitration may be the route for the resolution of a dispute.

We set great store by this and other alternative methods for the resolution of conflicts: civil and commercial Mediation. We also take prompt action with regard to the detention of vessels, ship arrest, or special procedures such as Salvage.

We never allow any aspect relating to Commercial Law to pass us by. Examples are the analysis of users’ rights and general Contract Law, and the specific study of agency contracts and mediation. It also includes anything relating to Corporate Law, Spanish and international transport contracts and any other type of commercial contracts in general. We are specialists in Private Law, in civil and commercial obligations and contracts (Civil and Common Law).

Our maritime training enables us to square the circle within the proceedings handled by our lawyers (from the initial preparation to a final resolution, with a firm ruling).

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