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Commercial Law | Civil Law | Common Law | GMM Maritime Shipping LawMaritime Shipping law is not entirely separate from public law, such as in matters linked to regulations on maritime safety or port administration, or those relating to maritime administrative sanctions. The Private Law character of this maritime legal practice specialising in Maritime Shipping Law has led us to study Civil Law, Common Law and Commercial Law in depth. In particular, we have studied that relating to Transport Law. We keep ourselves up to date with Maritime Shipping case law (especially with regard to the seaworthiness of vessels) and legislation relating to this subject. We are therefore well prepared to provide a Maritime Shipping Law legal advice service across the board.

Commercial Law and Civil Law services provided by GMM Maritime Shipping Firm

Among other legal institutions and forms that fall within our area of knowledge, our Maritime Shipping Solicitors can provide private law services in:

– Agency contracts

– Company or Corporate Law and bankruptcy law

– INCOTERMS – International Commercial Terms (National and international sale and purchase contracts)

– Transport Law. National and international transport contracts

– Commercial contracts in general, and in particular, those relating to laws in defence of consumers and service-users, and those under general contract conditions

– Civil Law and Commercial Law: obligations and contracts with an asset-related content. (These are the main subject of the ordinary-proceedings civil and commercial disputes that we deal with during conciliation, mediation and maritime shipping arbitration at GMM Maritime Shipping Firm).

Commercial Maritime Shipping Law

The legal framework for commercial obligations and contracts

The differentiated specialisms that have existed to date between civil and commercial law are changing. The new concept of traffic within the market is understood to have broadened and redefined the idea of commercial law itself.

On the one hand, it has been extended. It no longer takes only business traffic into consideration, but also the presence of other market operators, on both the supply and demand sides. These parties include, in the latter case, consumers (not forgetting the marine company that leases vessels!). On the other hand, as has been pointed out, commercial law has taken on more of a sectoral law character, both professionally and subjectively. It deals globally and objectively with all of the private law relationships that come about within the economic framework of the market.

What is certain is that, within the framework of civil law and commercial law, the law on obligations occupies a central role of enormous importance. This is more especially true in the case of commercial law. Company owners, companies and their activities are all elements representing the structural basis for the content of commercial obligations. The main proportion of these are contractual obligations arising from commercial actions that have the legal condition of contracts.

Our maritime shipping lawyers are excellent private law practitioners. They are able to provide you with high-quality comprehensive maritime legal assistance services, and other things relating to Maritime Shipping Law (i.e., seaworthiness of vessel), without neglecting any of the other essential aspects of civil law, common law and commercial law contracts.